Cardiovascular diseases

Developing novel treatments in cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death globally, killing nearly twice as many people as cancer. It is a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels. An estimated 17.8 million people died from cardiovascular diseases in 2017, a figure estimated to increase to 22.2 million people annually by 2022. Of these deaths, approximately 85% are due to heart attacks and the thrombotic stroke. There are both common and rare diseases among cardiovascular diseases.

Many cardiovascular diseases affect older patients and reduce their quality of life, then indirectly or directly lead to an early death. Unfortunately, existing treatment options are insufficient and the burden on society is high. In the EU, this disease group is estimate to cost €210 billion annually; in the US, $555 billion is estimated annually in 2017.

Cereno Scientific combines an extensive experience in cardiovascular diseases with epigenetic modulation in a novel approach to develop new treatments for patients in need. The aim is to use epigenetic modulating drugs to improve the health of cardiovascular patients, both in common and rare diseases.

Cereno’s focus is to develop novel treatments in cardiovascular diseases that offer better efficacy and fewer side effects compared with today’s available drugs.