Warrant TO1

Warrants of series TO1

In connection to the directed issue that was completed in September 2020 a total of 34,519,281 warrants of series TO1 was issued.

Each warrant of series TO1 will give the holder the right to subscribe for one new share of series B in Cereno during the period from 15 September 2021 until and including 29 September 2021 to a subscription price corresponding to the following: 

70 percent of the volume weighted average price of the Company’s share during the period from 30 August 2021 until and including 13 September 2021. The subscription price shall however never be determined to an amount below the quotation value of the Company’s share or to a higher amount than SEK 2.85.

Warrants of series TO1 will, upon full exercise, provide the Company a maximum of approximately SEK 98.4 million before issue costs, based on the maximum subscription price. The actual issue amount will naturally depend upon the final subscription price.

Note that warrants that have not been sold no later than 27 September 2021 or alternatively used for subscription for new shares no later than 29 September 2021 will become void. For your warrants not to become void you need to actively use them for subscription to new shares or sell them.


Bilaga B - Optionsvillkor TO1

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