Event 25 Aug 2021

Half-year report (Q2) 2021


Phase II company positioned for growth

Cereno Scientific is well-positioned for strong growth in an attractive cardiovascular and rare diseases market with a diversified portfolio of clinical and preclinical candidates.

A clinical phase II study is planned with CS1 for the treatment of the rare disease pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).


Therapeutics in common and rare cardiovascular disease

Cereno has a project portfolio targeting common and rare cardiovascular diseases. The aim is to develop treatments that can improve the life for affected patients. The portfolio comprises a Phase II program and two preclinical programs.

Therapeutic focus

Epigenetic modulation in focus

Cereno combines an extensive experience in cardiovascular diseases with epigenetic modulation in a novel approach to developing new treatments for patients in need. The aim is to use epigenetic modulating to improve the health of cardiovascular patients, both in common and rare diseases.